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About Us


LNT INVESTMENTS LLC is a private lending firm with roots in Nevada. LNT INVESTMENTS LLC has closed loans ranging from personal loans to real estate loans as well as business loans.

Company Overview

We approve loan applications based on the property’s equity and borrower’s ability to repay the loan.

We are diligently focused on the responsibilities granted to us and work creatively to find solutions that efficiently support the structure that allows our associates to do their best work, and your loans are funded quickly and we offer one of the most competitive interest rates and closing costs available.

Among the property types we lend on are; single-family homes, condominiums, condo–hotel, mixed-use, multifamily, retail, office, and condo-offices.

We take nothing for granted and are grateful for our families, friends, associates, business alliances and clients, and provide financing solutions to real estate borrowers and compelling investment opportunities to private investors. Borrowers and prospective property owners please contact us at: 702-508-5681 or email info@lntinvestmentsllc.com to discuss your loan request. We can determine during a 5-minute telephone conversation whether or not we can assist you. We fund loans in a matter of days, after our appraising and qualification process.

We are always ready for business.